A.M. Look 12/30/21

I wish to thank everyone who has contributed to making Judd’s Room a rounding success.

I would urge all my subscribers to take the time to listen to these two interviews before 2022 trading begins.

Point; this is the time of the year when you should be filtering through the plethora of 2022 market calls by main stream media.

For the most part it’s garbage, however you will find a few diamonds in the rough.

This is the busiest year end for me in decades and I’m dog tired.

Course pricing will rise 40% in the 2022.

If you wish to lock in the 2021 rate, feel free to call.

You’ll receive almost 5 decades of knowledge with added breakout room access.

Current room members will not have their service ostensibly changed.

Your new’s Years resolution should be to read more to get a sense of the macro story.
Above all, don’t be a myopic spectator.

Lacy Hunt: Breaking Down The History Of Inflation — DiMartino Booth Kicks Off The Austin Series – YouTube

Felix Zulauf 2022 and beyond.

The one trade I plan to do is to take a tactical short via Spy Puts @ 4917 ish Spoo.

Why; I’ve gone through the sector charts which show ORH qtly patterns at all time highs after a torrid qtr.

I’m not a fan of chasing this type of pattern with all the dumb money in the world.

The set up I’m looking for is another rejection of Spoo in 30 Yr. Yield @ the 2000 high, matching the top of the channel in the Spoo.

The top of the channel has rejected price since the 2020 March low for corrective behavior. This is a low risk measured look @ a specific
price point with a very tight stop.

Best start paying attention to the mid-week shuffle!

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