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Canadian Dollar…USD/CAD

A close below 95.58 USD/CAD puts in an outside reversal week in Canada. The commensurate futures price is a close above 104.32 ( pit) 104.37 ( all session). We’ll use 104.37. Closing over this level in the futures ( below in USD/CAD) … Continue reading

GDXJ…Pattern Alert

Classic charting 101!!!! This is the 3rd gap higher…if you’re involved with the miners…BOOK SOME MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Pattern Alert…Gold & Silver

Both of these metals have “Potential” outside reversal weekly patterns to the downside. For now they are holding…We will need a close tomorrow above 1511 in the Gold, and 34.40 Silver, to maintain the weekly patterns. Closes under these levels … Continue reading

Recap…Big Picture

We lightened up or got out of most of our positions today. First they jammed a lot of people today during a very thin time of day after London’s close. Many weak market participants were run out of their long … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/28/11

Red light …Green Light trading.. The Bonds aren’t breaking and the Fed seems to have the rates where they want them. My eyes just keep taking my focus to the Aussie and the 110.30 level which is THE major Fib … Continue reading