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Daily Market Intelligence 1/9/17


Midday Missive

VIX ..is coming into the mvg average support level it needs to hold, matching the resistance and upside closing pivots in the Spu’s & Nasd.

Daily Market Intelligence 8/26/16

Daily Market Intelligence 8-26-16

Daily Market Intelligence 7/18/16

Daily Market Intelligence 7-18-16

Midday Missive

Spu’s want to have a look at the 1898.75 sell stops. VIX…24.70 is mvg avg resistance. Bears should let it breathe in here. This flow should continue into London’s close.

A.M. Look 8/26/15

Stocks… Spu’s…1950 will act as resistance. Bonds … Bunds…154.58 is today’s resistance area   30 yr. Bonds…weaken under 157.22 close   FX… The dollar is reacting to the Spu’s. You can’t buy strength or sell weakness.   Commodities… OIL… 39.80 … Continue reading

Midday Missive

The profit taking in the Dollar should continue into London’s close, along with the bottom fishing in the Energy & mining sectors. While I’m not willing to say that’s the low in the sectors, healthcare has seen the biggest profit … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/9/15

Stocks… Spu’s…2061.50 are where the near buy stops are. I’ve orders to take some money off the table @ 2064, just shy of today’s 2067 momentum #. Nasd 100…4408-25 is the first resistance zone. DAX…11,250 is resistance. 10,628 is 200 … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/29/15

Stocks… Spu’s…2083-86 is resistance. 2054 is the 2014 close, last night’s low. It will take a couple of closes under the 200 DMA to see a bigger correction. SHCOMP…4099 is the monthly ORL #. 3854 (.618 ) of the yr. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/16/15

Stocks… Nasd 100… 4400 +- a couple is support ( last weeks low). Bonds … 30 Yr. Bond…(M) June needs to press and sustain above 153.05 resistance for higher. App. 151.24 in Sept. depending upon which chart you follow. Bund…152.21, … Continue reading