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A.M. Look 7/25/13

Stocks.. Spu’s…put in an ORL and has followed through this A.M. 1671.75 is point & figure support. A Friday close under 1665.75 would have me believe this could turn into a good correction. SDS…37.80-90 is the first resistance level. Closing … Continue reading

Midday Missive

SDS…will put in an ORH day with a close over 36.71 This is a pattern we are inclined to take given the RSI’s “Overbought Stocks” “Oversold SDS”. Spu’s…would need a matching close under 1683 to take the signal. The Pit … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/13/13

Stocks.. Spu’s…1565 is the over run level I’m looking for to buy. SPY…158.60 followed by 155.60 SDS…has to close Friday over 41.50 to show a good low has been put in. Nikkei…12,500 held DAX…8000 held Bonds… Bunds…143.75 is resistance and … Continue reading

A.M. look 5/23/13

Spu’s …1628-30 is the first fib. Rally’s into the 50 ‘s the first time up should be sold. Nasd 100…2960 followed…2887 is the best level to look for a bounce.. SPY…a close today below 166.50 would have us looking for … Continue reading

Today’s Reversal levels for the Equity Indices

A close below these levels would be needed to signal a high for a sell off. Nasd 100…3008 SPU’s…1660 TFM…9931 Midcap..120770 SDS…38.62 (above) since this is a double short. The Midcap 400 is leading the profit taking. The Banking sector … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/17/13

Spu’s & SDS….yesterday’s close is a perfect example of why I prefer to trade Futures Vs. ETF’s. The S&P 500 Futures closed above our break down level. With the Futures, since they trade 23.50 hours a day, you can wait … Continue reading

SDS…Exit Trade Alert!

Sell this SDS @the market. Waiting for a pull back is not worth the exposure. I was wrong…I was a little stubborn and that’s the end of it. This has ripped 30 points without a pull back. You’ll likely get … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/3/13

Gold…needs over 1486 or under 1440 for a new signal. 1536-39 isgood low risk resistance. Lower retests are 1420 followed by 1400. Silver…24.30 is resistance and the upside pivot. Buy stops are 24.80 which could lead to another dollar higher. … Continue reading


The home builders and the Spu’s seem to be following the same swing or pattern, just failing to give even a 30 % correction, from this last little wiggle. The world has put back on it’s blinders and trading masks. … Continue reading


CAT…82.40 ish is weekly support. Spu’s…have put in a short term reversal, meaning they are trying to hold today’s low. SPU/BONDS…are hanging out right on my favorite mvg avg lines. This is one of those #’s that is a go … Continue reading