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A.M. Look 6/25/21

Rouble and the Peso stick out in FX land. DXJ, hedged Japan, shows up on pattern recognition. I will review after the opening. Gold has been maintaining against the 30 yr. Bond, Rouble & Peso. Silver keeps closing above its … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/17/21

Daily Market Intelligence 6:17:21

Daily Market Intelligence 6/19/19

Daily Market Intelligence 6-19-19

A.M. Look 8/15/18

Mid-Week Shuffle Spu’s will need sustained price action under 2817 to roll over. Spu/Bonds into a must hold area. Turkish Lira rallied into resistance. Rouble is getting smoked with Oil. Gold..no buyers! Yra’s Notes went over this in last night’s … Continue reading

Friday Afternoon…the world loves Vladimir again!

SSO…I’m looking for this to trade up to 114.50 for a start. Closing over 115.50 is very Bullish. Spu’s…a close in the all session mini’s (EPU) over 1925.75 puts in an ORH day off a very oversold market. Look for … Continue reading

Midday Missive

XLV…a close over 59.25 is needed to resume the uptrend IBB…today’s low of 258.78 is now important support to manage risk. Price action over 267 is needed for a continuation of trend. Ag names are on fire with the rally … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/25/13

Oil…we got to 92 a little faster than I expected. All new strength is needed over 92.25 is needed for more upside. Brent…102.25 is Fib resistance. 102.90 can reject the first time up with the next good resistance and tgt … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/30/10

Our mind is in Holiday mode…and we’ve spent little time at the desk but over the next day or so I’ll write a few thoughts about trading in the New Year.. We originally sold the bulk of our Yen (bought … Continue reading