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Daily Market Intelligence 12/22/20

Daily Market Intelligence 12-22-20

A.M. Look 12/18/20

Let price come to you today. Looking for a different game to be played out after 2 CDT with options pinning. Corn is @ oscillator resistance with Soybeans above. Indices are Bullish. Copper is leading in the metals space today. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/7/20

Everyone is waiting on Mitch to see if he’s going to don his green Grinch hat. Spoo’s…would need a 3662.50 print for a back and fill on the 50X3. Soybeans…It will take into the end of the week the beginning … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/7/20

Daily Market Intelligence 12-7-20

A.M. Look 12/2/20

Grains are starting to look interesting again. Corn has an ugly weekly pattern.   Beans…coming into support in Yuan and Real terms. I’d like to wait a bit to see if we can get them another 20 cents lower. Conclusion; … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/1/20

Daily Market Intelligence 12-1-20

A.M. Look 11/20/20

Grains are bid. Copper is approaching its target and major Fib. It’s on the sheet. Platinum/Gold extends. Four Republican Senators, led by Romney, seem to have had enough of Trump’s antics. That would bode well for Biden to have a … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/18/20

Daily Market Intelligence 11-18-20

Daily Market Intelligence 11/13/20

Daily Market Intelligence 11-13-20

A.M. Look 11/12/20

Russian grain export data is hitting the Grains. Gold…1873.30 is the point of control. It’s the weekly ORL# Spoo…3537.50 is the reversal # on the 50X3. Close but no cigar. There is enough on the news front for the algos … Continue reading