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A.M. Look 9/13/11

Another big day trading day is setting up. Buy the breaks & Sell the rallies. Two notes of interest this A.M.: The Singapore Dollar, which has been the strongest and most stable currency in the World, has also given up some … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/1/11

We’ve seen the euphoria that goes with positive statements out of D.C. Now will an ugly reality set in during our day session as the votes are tallied and the details of a deal become clear? In currency land the … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/28/11

Red light …Green Light trading.. The Bonds aren’t breaking and the Fed seems to have the rates where they want them. My eyes just keep taking my focus to the Aussie and the 110.30 level which is THE major Fib … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/16/11

It’s the mid week shuffle. The stocks did a couple of Fib round trips last night to put in an 18 handle range in the S&P. Traders thinking there will be follow through on a breakout in either direction will … Continue reading

Pattern Alerts

Gold…1336.40 pit Silver..27.72 pit Oil… 87.96 all sessions SPU…1279 is last weeks close…we are already way below the 1290.80 for the outside reversal daily. A close below 1267.70 finishes it off with a weekly “orlw” Dr. Nenner has a model … Continue reading