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A.M. Look 6/25/21

Rouble and the Peso stick out in FX land. DXJ, hedged Japan, shows up on pattern recognition. I will review after the opening. Gold has been maintaining against the 30 yr. Bond, Rouble & Peso. Silver keeps closing above its … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/16/21

Daily Market Intelligence 3:16:21

A.M. Look 11/30/20

Spoo’s… finally put in the pause that refreshes on the 50X3. FYI; I year ago the spoo were 100 points lower and rallied to make new highs. I am thinking that’s about all there is for this retrace. Copper…is close … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/5/19

Daily Market Intelligence 11-5-19

A.M. Look 8/15/18

Mid-Week Shuffle Spu’s will need sustained price action under 2817 to roll over. Spu/Bonds into a must hold area. Turkish Lira rallied into resistance. Rouble is getting smoked with Oil. Gold..no buyers! Yra’s Notes went over this in last night’s … Continue reading

Friday Afternoon…the world loves Vladimir again!

SSO…I’m looking for this to trade up to 114.50 for a start. Closing over 115.50 is very Bullish. Spu’s…a close in the all session mini’s (EPU) over 1925.75 puts in an ORH day off a very oversold market. Look for … Continue reading