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The late Show 10/4/18

Sushi is hitting fan! Spu…double topped on qtrly chart. Below 2907 the market is a no buy AAPL..225 is the bounce zone

A.M. Look 12/30/16

Spu’s…50X3 Point & Figure has yet to put in a reversal since the U.S. Election. Spu’s…25X3 Point & Figure…visualizes the range it’s been in for the past couple of weeks. Euro…it would take a couple of closes above 106.90 it’s … Continue reading

TLT…Follow Up

Personally I think this will be another take it in the Shorts moment for the Risk off crowd. A likely scenario is the Indices hold the pattern. I’m not crazy about being short equities into month end.   The Nasd … Continue reading

Late observations

Spu’s…1831.80 is today’s Pit ORL#. Closing below this level is price negative. 1820 is the first area of support. 30 yr. Bonds..this is attempting it’s second reversal day in a row. I’m not biting either way. It was a descent … Continue reading


We have a potential double top in the Gold @ today’s high on the long term point & figure. Gold can be used as a surrogate to the Spu’s for short term trading. Risk On=Short Gold Risk Off=Long Gold

IBB_-_iShares_NASDAQ_Biotechnology_Index_Fd_Daily.gif…Pattern Alert!

A close below 160.13 puts in an ORL day. The IBB has led the entire rally since last July. This level is generally a Bear Trap the first time down. Meaning, they run the short term stops at the level … Continue reading


Risk On or Off For those of you that are tempted to buy AAPL on the first rally back to the 200 day mvg avg of 580, I’d look elsewhere. Buying big rallies or “selling” chasing weakness in this market … Continue reading

Platinum_-_Combined_Monthly_Continuation.gif…Risk Indicators

Whether your bias is Risk Off or Risk On the markets are at major inflection points. If you’re trading Risk off…tighten up your trailing stops!!!!! Risk on crowd..today’s lows are your out. The Spu low with a potential double bottom … Continue reading