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Daily Market Intelligence 5/25/21

Daily Market Intelligence 5:25:21

A.M.Look 2/14/20

It will be just you and the bots after 10:30. Most market participants will be out the door for the long weekend. Oil is finally getting a bit of a risk bid. Resistance is known and is on your sheets! … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/23/18

Daily Market Intelligence 3-23-18

The Late Show

The Dollar devalue trade is back on today after a very rough start. HON,GD,LMT,BA,MMM all do well with a dollar weakness Commodity currencies are up and going which bodes well for more Equity Index strength. Spu’s project to 2840 off … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/26/15

Stocks… OXY…as long as this remains above 79.35 close, look for higher prices. CVX…110.00 is resistance and the closing upside pivot. MRO…Marathon is a low volatility name. As long as this remains above 28.40 close the pattern is positive. Closing … Continue reading