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A.M. Look 8/28/17

Gilead (GILD) is buying Kite Pharma. Kite is up 16%. Gold is at the top of its recent range. It will take a couple of closes over 1307 to keep going. Markets are presently range bound waiting for new direction … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/15/15

Stocks… Spu’s…(Z) 1919-22 is support and the closing downside pivot. Short term Spu’s weaken under 1944.  1964 will delineate the upper band today. Do not fade price action above. Nikkei…weakens under 17945 NBIX…seems to have run it’s course on this … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/9/15

Stocks… Spu’s…1992 was the Aug high we imploded from. It’s also mvg avg resistance that needs to be closed over for more strength. Nasd 100..4368.25 is that same #, however the mvg avg resistance was 4328. DAX…traded right into resistance. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/20/15

Stocks… YELP…I gave it a go and it rallied 3% right into weekly resistance @ 48.50 and rejected. I’m not married to it. Biotech always has a couple of names in play for 5-10% a day. Time to refocus. KITE.…rallied … Continue reading

The Late Show

OIL… the macro buy stops are over 58.63 USO…breaks out on a close over 20.25. XLE & DIG both look to rally to test their 200DMA’s. CVX…as long as 109 holds I’m looking for 115. XOM…is attempting a Cloud breakout … Continue reading