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Midday Missive

Risk on world. Nasd led along with Industrials and Transports. Nasd 100 Monthly ORH buy stops are @ 7982.75 We liked MSFT,JBHT,FDX early. All we said in the room after PAX Group bought was do not sell anything you don’t … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/31/19

Daily Market Intelligence 5-31-19

Midday Missive

Bond Futures Lower = Financials rip Oil is firm. LONG PBR April 18 16 Call @ .67 cents. I’ve been out of the name from higher. Bought the calls to keep margin free. Industrials are being led by CAT Transports … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/6/18

Daily Market Intelligence 9-6-18

Midday Missive

Transports and Oil are taking the market s lower JBHT..has led the reversal lower as great earnings quickly faded. JBHT has now seen almost a 8% selloff into its 200 DMA Spu..25X3…needs a 2786 print for a reversal. Not entertaining … Continue reading