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Daily Market Intelligence 12/11/19

Daily Market Intelligence 12-11-19

Daily Market Intelligence 9/27/17

Daily Market Intelligence 9-27-17

A.M. look 9/26/17

Nasd 100/Bonds is trading right on its 50 DMA Spu/Bonds is sitting right on momentum support. Let the U.S. session be your guide. At some point I think we fill the gap in the Spu’s into 2468 although I presently … Continue reading

Midday Missive

FXE….here is a look at the FXE for those that don’t trade cash currencies or Futures. The high @ 116.40 was the 50 MMA matching the 2014 close in EUR/USD @ 120.98. EUR/JPY…132.50 is the bounce level. 30 yr. Bonds…I’m … Continue reading

Midday Missive

I’m fundamentally friendly to the dollar going into a rate rising cycle, however I don’t have the stones to trade the futures outright given the potential volatility this afternoon. Risking big figures in the currencies is not my style. The … Continue reading