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A.M. Look 2/26/21

Keep your trading hats on. Crypto & Cattle expiration Spoo’s retested the top of its gap and its corresponding 50 DMA and bounced. Two round trips so far since Asian opened. Spoo/Bond is at risk on the weekly chart. DAX/Bund … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 2/3/21

Daily Market Intelligence 2:3:21

A.M. Look 12/16/20

Mid-Week Shuffle. All eyes on the Fed this afternoon. Euro…122 will initially be a sticky level on the Qtly & Semi-Annual Cloud. Gold… potential double top on the 100X3. Spoo…potential double top on the 50&100X3. It could provide some resistance … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/13/20

Daily Market Intelligence 4-13-20

Daily Market Intelligence 3/3/20

Daily Market Intelligence 3-3-20

Daily Market Intelligence 2/13/10

Daily Market Intelligence 2-13-20

Daily Market Intelligence 1/23/20

Daily Market Intelligence 1-23-20

A.M. Look 12/9/19

DAX/Bund is weak after the rollover. U.S. Indices are gaining on Germany. Nasd 100 has the best pattern of the three. Be patient today.

A.M. Look 10/3/19

All those goodies you love to buy as a treat from Europe are about to get really expensive. Load up now. Yra has been positing this scenario in the room for the past couple of months. DAX/BUND took it on … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/13/19

September Grain Expirations. European Debt instruments have hit the skids. This has lifted Euro into its closing resistance level. Equity Bond spreads have filled their respective breakdown gaps from the first week of August. Dax/Bund..broke above its 200 DMA on … Continue reading