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Daily Market Intelligence 1/12/21

Daily Market Intelligence 1-12-21

A.M.Look 2/14/20

It will be just you and the bots after 10:30. Most market participants will be out the door for the long weekend. Oil is finally getting a bit of a risk bid. Resistance is known and is on your sheets! … Continue reading

The Late Show

Heads up!!! Energy names are seeing profit taking. PSX, FANG, COG have ORL patterns working. OIH names are rolling. Long-term Investors should review their holdings. Russell is leading the Pullback

Daily Market Intelligence 1/9/18

Daily Market Intelligence 1-09-18

Daily Market intelligence 2/7/17

Daily Market Intelligence 2-7-17

Midday Missive

So far the mid-week low looks pretty good. (Matrix Support) We could still see another trip down. Toll Brothers is holding the 50 & 200 DMA cross. Holding above is not bearish! ​COG…Cabot Oil & Gas…is reflective of the entire … Continue reading