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Midday Missive

Financials up as one would expect with yields rising. Insurers AIG & Chubb are following through to the upside. Gold names were a gap and go. Oil held an Inventory mid-week sell off. Closing above 65 projects higher. Energy names … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 1/22/18

Daily Market Intelligence 1-22-18

Daily Market Intelligence 1/19/18

Daily Market Intelligence 1-19-18

Midday Missive

Natgas infrastructure names were bought early. LNG,CXO,CBI & APC trade well. Nothing is worth chasing. Spu’s are into back and fill mode now that everyone is all in. MRK…64 is resistance

Daily Market Intelligence 1/12/18

Daily Market Intelligence 1-12-18

Daily Market Intelligence 7/20/17

Daily Market Intelligence 7-20-17

A.M. Look 9/14/16

Everyone was insanely bullish the beginning of last week, now those same talking heads and market participants are saying we’re taking a trip to unchanged on the year. Enjoy. That mentality is a great way to lose a lot of … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/9/16

Daily Market Intelligence 9-9-16

Midday Missive

Resource names are still going. LNG,GLNG,DVN,GPOR & CBI in Natgas Infrastructure. IBB is attempting an ORH day. This sector is not overbought. The risk to own this sector is today’s lows. ILMN,GILD, BIIB,SRPT,ICPT & GSK are attempting ORH days. The … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/5/15

Stocks… Spu’s…1990-92 needs to hold on the P&F for another bounce. Closing under 1980 leaves way for a much bigger correction as laid out in the qtrly update. Nasd 100… 4550-75 is resistance. Bonds… 30 Yr. …bonds can lose steam … Continue reading