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Daily Market Intelligence 6/9/21

Daily Market Intelligence 6:9:21

Daily Market Intelligence 5/10/21

Daily Market Intelligence 5:10:21

Daily Market Intelligence 5/15/20

Daily Market Intelligence 5-15-20

A.M. Look 11/21/17

The world indices were led higher by Asia. Germany shrugged off Merkel’s political woes. Equity/Bond spreads @ the long end of the curve are neutral. This means there is room to move on the upside. Brent..63.00 remains the upside hurdle … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/20/17

Daily Market Intelligence 11-20-17

Daily Market Intelligence 9/1/17

Daily Market Intelligence 9-1-17

A.M. Look 1/19/16

Stocks…Spu’s …1910-13.25, 1928 and 1946.50 resistance with resting buy stops. These levels should be fairly static all week. Nasd 100…held qtrly support for now. Sustained Price action above 4141 will keep the Index firm for a retest of as high … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/31/15

Stocks… Spu’s…1967.25 is today’s sentiment # for end of day trading. Good above/negative below. Nasd 100…mvg avg resistance is 4388-95. Bonds … Bund…154.52 is today’s resistance FX… USD/JPY…120.72 (82.83 Futures) is the 200 DMA. Spu’s up = Yen down. Euro…is … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/28/15

Stocks… Spu’s…1967.25 (last weeks close) will be pivotal all day as it was yesterday. 2000 is the 50% Fib retrace level where bears will give it another go. Nasd 100…mvg avg resistance is 4388-95. Bonds … Bund…154.52 is resistance and … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/17/15

Stocks… MVV…77.95 is the low risk buy level. Only a close below 77.29 (it’s 200 DMA) turns it lower Spu’s…we’re back up at the higher end of the range. 2061 is the lower end of value on the point & … Continue reading