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Daily Market Intelligence 11/18/19

Daily Market Intelligence 11-18-19

Daily Market Intelligence 11/16/19

Daily Market Intelligence 11-16-19

Daily Market Intelligence 9/24/19

Daily Market Intelligence 9-24-19

Daily Market Intelligence 1/22/18

Daily Market Intelligence 1-22-18

A.M. Look 6/14/16

Can the Equity Indices stabilize today? The Bund (165.33) & Italian 10 Yr. into (140.25) are both at initial extremes. Both need another 30 ticks for additional follow through. Bund would need a close over 165.65 BTP  would need a … Continue reading

A.M.Look 1/9/15

Stocks… IAT…regional banks need to hold 33.65 for higher. Spu…2022-24 is the level that needs to hold on a break. TWX,V,BLK,EXAS,BRKA have good technical formations. If the Indices hold an early break and start to recover these names have room … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/8/13

Stocks.. Nasd 100…shows a head & shoulders top formation on both the daily and weekly chart. 3250’s is the first place to look for a bounce. Recovery and a close over 3358 would have me thinking this was a one … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/11/13

Stocks.. Spu’s…1676 becomes near support. Only price action under 1671 changes the pattern. Maintaining and closing over 1687 will lead to a test of 1705.1692.25 is the weekly ORH # Nasd 100…3251.25 is the weekly ORH# Nikkei…closing and maintaining over … Continue reading

BLK…AAPL…ORH Pattern Alert

BLK…a close over 260.54 puts in an ORH pattern, however 261.75 is near term resistance. Closing over this level is positive. This should test 268-69 if the pattern sustains. AAPL…a close today over 421.25 puts in an ORH 427.30 is … Continue reading

A.M. look 7/1/13

Stocks.. Spu’s…are stuck. A new signal will be generated if we close over 1615 or under 1590. GDX… 25.17-44  is first daily resistance. GDXJ…38.48 is resistance followed by 40. No you’re not seeing things! This closed at 9.16 on Friday. … Continue reading