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Daily Market Intelligence 5/11/21

Daily Market Intelligence 5:11:21

Daily Market Intelligence 12/16/20

Daily Market Intelligence 12-16-20

A.M. Look 7/9/20

China Tech has been ripping since June, leading everything. BABA,BIDU,PDD Nasd/Bonds..last night’s high 5986 FX; Euro…all about Sunday night and a weekly close above 113.40 Yen…she still is considering saying yes to a dance Loonie…parked on it’s 200 DMA is … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/30/18

Aussie is up against the Yuan. The yearly chart shows that the Aussie should be sold @ 71.64 (the yrly ORL #) with a tight stop. Euro is seeking its 200 WMA @ 113.15 The rising long end of the … Continue reading

The Late Show

What interests me are the China names. BIDU, AABA, BABA WB et al. HTHT & JD have the most positive patterns for a bounce. JD… Weight Watchers…WTW, this was an Adam Johnson pick. Sweet!

A.M. Look 8/1/18

Oil.. the long-term P&F takes three full dollars to turn direction. The break from 70.40 shows that this will be key closing resistance going forward. EIA inventories @ 9:30 CDT BIDU…missed earnings, making new lows for the past several months. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/19/18

Daily Market Intelligence 7-19-18

Daily Market Intelligence 3/2/18

Daily Market Intelligence 3-3-18

Daily Market Intelligence 3/2/18

Daily Market Intelligence 3-2-18

Midday Missive

Spu/Bond is currently trading above the oscillator line that it broke from 2/2/18. It’s a long day and one should expect a couple of different flows. The noon Bond auction has the potential to change the flows. AMZN…1498 is a … Continue reading