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Daily Market Intelligence 5/4/20

Daily Market Intelligence 5-4-20

The Late Show

AEM…Agnico-Eagle Mines AUY…Yumana GLD….Gold ETF   FYI…(Z) December Gold is Front month. It currently trades app 6+ dollars over (Q) August or cash.   are all attempting ORH days. HL,NGD,PAAS & GDXJ are showing Bullish patterns.   Unchanged rates is … Continue reading

Miners & Gold

There were many market participants looking for a rate rise shorting the Gold & Miners as a surrogate trade. I thought it was a good idea to buy the miners for a contrary-trend pop last Thursday mainly off the oversold … Continue reading

It’s all about the Miners

GDX…30.96 is resistance and the upside pivot for a test of 32.11. GDXJ…50.84 is the matching resistance level and the upside pivot. A close above this level is needed for a test of 55. NEM…34.20 is resistance and the upside … Continue reading


AUY,NGD,NEM,ABX,PAAS, These names are all attempting the same Pattern as the GDX…ORH days. We still have a lot of time left. Money Never Sleeps….Gordon Gekko You’re seeing the buying of dollars coupled with profit taking in many high flying instruments. … Continue reading