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A.M. Look 8/20/14

Stocks… VIX…12.66 is the 50 DMA resistance and the short term upside pivot. 13.62 is the 200 DMA.   Nasd 100…4080 is the first exit level for this swing. 4160 matching the 2000 semi annual high is the second tgt. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/4/14

Stocks… Nasd 100…3635 is the ball game for the risk on crowd. Yesterday low was a retest of the monthly ORH pattern.As long as this level holds there is limited downside. GOOG…Held matching yesterday’s low in the NASDAQ 100 Futures. … Continue reading

30 yr. Bonds

We’ve an open order to sell the 30 Yr. Bonds @ 132.28. The risk on the trade is a close over 133.15. We don’t have a downside tgt in mind yet. We’re looking at this as a purely technical trade. … Continue reading

Daily Game Plan…Oil

Daily Game Plan…Day Traders In lieu of a trade today, we’ll go over the story line leading up to our first Day Trade. If you understand, you see. Yesterday we did a day trade in the oil. You either made … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/13/13

Oil…buy stops are 98.25. With inventories today you could see these elected. Look for this to move in 80 cent increments. 30 yr….are at the lower end of the recent trading range with the daily ranges close to a point. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/23/13

EUR/JPY & AUD/JPY…last night’s lows both came down into mvg avg support which held. Closing under those lows will lead to a descent correction. For now it’s just some profit taking and noise coming out of Davos. USD/JPY…our futures levels … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/6/12

AAPL…anywhere between 525-536 is potentially a bear trap today. Selling weakness into this area is not good risk management. Sustaining below 525 the acceleration can continue. NATGAS…3.47 has been support and the upside pivot for the past month. 3.72 is … Continue reading


Risk On or Off For those of you that are tempted to buy AAPL on the first rally back to the 200 day mvg avg of 580, I’d look elsewhere. Buying big rallies or “selling” chasing weakness in this market … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/9/12

Gold…is in an 80 dollar range. Traders of this metal should be aware of the Eur/Gold spread. EURO…The Fibs on the Point & Figure chart are for the life of EUR/USD, not the extrapolated old D-Mark. 30 yr. Bonds…Friday saw … Continue reading

JJG | DJ-UBS Grains Subindex TR ETN Daily

We’re close to the top of the recent trading range for the JJG… A close over 47.94 puts in an ORH day 48.40 is the monthly ORH level