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A.M. look 4/29/21

It’s a gap and go A.M. in the Spoo. Given it’s a new ATM, many will be tempted to sell looking for a home run. I’d prefer to buy the break than trade against the flow. Trade with the tape. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/9/21

Daily Market Intelligence 4:9:21

Daily Market Intelligence 3/31/21/

There is no change in outlook. We’ll take it up in the A.M.

Daily Market Intelligence 3/29/21

Daily Market Intelligence 3:29:21

A.M. Look 3/5/21

Spoo’s…I will need a 3800 print to confirm yesterday’s low. The bigger game will be played out very late day. Yesterday’s low in the Spoo is the only level that matters!!! The Dollar and Oil are strong again this A.M. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/1/21

Let’s put last nights price action into context. Spoo did nothing but unwind the last 45 minutes of U.S. trade from Friday. You need to be flexible in your trading. I’d like to see the Spoo chart get cleaned up … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/24/21

DJI/Bonds are trading above the 2018 high. If you were in the room after the close yesterday you were fortunate to hear Yra lay out the KIWI trade. Part of the discussion was inflation. Spoo/BCOM qtly shows we should be … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/15/21

The whole board is having an exhale from the Dollar to the Indices. JPM reported earnings and is showing higher. We’re awaiting the rest of the banks. Spoo’s have completed 5 round trips in a 50 point range. Shorten your … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/27/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-27-20

Daily Market Intelligence 4/27/20

Daily Market Intelligence 4-27-20