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Daily Market Intelligence 1/31/20

Daily Market Intelligence 1-31-20

A.M. Look 2/14/19

I have nothing to add this A.M.


I’m out the door shortly for a business trip. Provided the flight goes, I will not be writing tomorrow. I’m trading to make money so I’m checking out of my trades before I go. Long term traders that bought should … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/20/15

Stocks… VIX…is flirting with the 200 DMA again @ 14.66 Bonds …   30 Yr. Bonds..(H)…price action under 144.00 can lead to another 2 points of downside FX… EUR/AUD…144.23 is the lower end of the recent range. This is support … Continue reading

IDXJ…Trade Alert!

SELL 30% of Long DXJ @ the market! It’s right up at the 50 DMA. I want to lock in a little money. Those of you who just want to keep them strapped on should use a stop below 50.

30 Yr Bond Futures trade Alert!

SELL 2 USAZ @ the market!

Yen Trade Alert!

Sell 4 JYAZ4 @ the market! I’m trying a Yen short here with a very tight stop for a nibbler at a Risk on bias. There is not a good stop to use in the Equity indices, however there is … Continue reading

Afternoon 9/15/14

Grains Soybeans are attempting an ORH day with a close over 9.902. A close over $10 could signal a good short covering rally. JJG…needs a close over 35.45 for a similar pattern. OIL…93.13 is short term trend resistance and the … Continue reading

Friday Afternoon…the world loves Vladimir again!

SSO…I’m looking for this to trade up to 114.50 for a start. Closing over 115.50 is very Bullish. Spu’s…a close in the all session mini’s (EPU) over 1925.75 puts in an ORH day off a very oversold market. Look for … Continue reading

A.M. look 4/28/14

Stocks… AAPL…575.13 was last years high. There should be resting buy stops above this level. Bonds 30 yr. Bonds… have a double top on the point & Figure charts from Friday. 134.12 is first support. A close below 133.15 is … Continue reading