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Daily Market Intelligence 3/18/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:18:22

A.M. Look 2/24/22

Putin is plundering. Still mid-week shuffle regardless of the news. Do Not chase this direction in anything. It’s going to be a wild day. If you’ve missed it don’t chase it. I am opening the room now. Will start going … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/22/22

When our indicators align 200 DMA in Spoo/Bond 50 WMA Spoo/Bond Nasd/Bond…top of the weekly cloud. retest of the ORL qtly sell stops in Spoo. Spoo….high 60’s low 70’s is a potential rejection level.

Daily Market Intelligence 2/14/22

Daily Market Intelligence 2:14:22

A.M. Look 1/26/22

Yra sent me a piece from the Telegraph today. It was a damning condemnation of Germany and France in which the Prichard says the Germans want closer ties with Russia. Germany and France will not use the swift system as … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/4/22

Pattern follow through. Yen crosses reversed after the bear trap in AUD/JPY. 2.05 is today 200 DMA in the 30 Yr. Yield. 30 Yr. Futures…156.29 is the top of the monthly cloud You’re looking for back and fill to buy. … Continue reading