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A.M. Look 1/24/20

It’s Friday in a Bull market in Equities. Plungers; I quote Clint Eastwood ” Do you feel lucky?” Poorly run infrastructure name like FLR is looking up. Investors picked up beaten up names yesterday on the break. The less you … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/27/19

Today’s headlines cited a Chinese banker being sentenced to death for lining his pockets to the tune of 100 Mil. from his failed bank. We could’ve used a little of that in 2008. The melt-up continues in the Indices as … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Indices are trying to bottom. Trying is the operative word. Yra posited a mid meeting rate cut. That conversation is coming into the mainstream. We’ll see if that conversation will keep the Indices from imploding. I this event were to … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Long-term investors will need their depends. Indices have broken down. I’ve spent the first few minutes of the day exiting all positions that were not preforming. XLE…Oil up and the Calls and ETF rolls over. Adios baby. Took a .28 … Continue reading

May-June Update

                                                  What’s Next? Our April view of the market condition was that it was on the cusp of a longer-term upside breakout. Our long-term risk models indicate that after three months of sideways action,  the corrective move was close to … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/18/18

Short-term traders…the only thing you can do today is get yourself into trouble. Spu’s are 20 points either side of nowhere. Midcap & Russell have been outperforming the S&P & Dow. Price action has been compressing. Late day U.S. Equity … Continue reading

WhiteWave April 2018 Update

                                                   What’s Next? Our current view of the market condition is that it remains a tactical, short-term event driven market. Our long-term risk models indicate that after three months of sideways action, it continues to be a corrective move vs. … Continue reading

The Late Show

I have no interest in the short side of the U.S. Indices. Yes, the Bonds are running the spreads and keeping them positive. The later it gets in the day the riskier it is to short. With Europe closed you’ve … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/1/17

Market are up and new buyers will have to reach. I’m interested in the price action in Oil after Inventories. A hold after the release will attract buying across the whole sector.

A.M. Look 10/26/17

Equity traders; take your Que from the NYSE opening. Look for a directional flow into London’s close before posturing into the afternoon tech earnings. Of all the tech names MSFT has been the most consistent since Nardella has taken over … Continue reading