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A.M. Look 6/2/22

MBS is here to save the day. I seriously doubt it! Watching

Daily Market Intelligence 4/8/22

Today’s capital flow changed direction after London with a double bottom in the Spoo’s matching the gap fill in TSLA.Grain names went vertical, including a 10+ percent move in IPI. Robert pointed out to the room that this was the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/10/18

Daily Market Intelligence 5-10-18

A.M. Look 3/28/14

Stocks… VIX…needs above 15.15 to rally to 15.84. The weekly buy stops are at 16.40 with 16.64 being weekly closing resistance. Nasd 100…3545-50 is today’s support and the next inflection level. The weekly breakdown level is 3576. Closing below here … Continue reading

Pre Unemployment Patterns…Risk Off

These levels do not change so please keep them. I will not re-visit these in the a.m. The crude just gave back 50% @ 99.40 of this years move and still going. I’ll start looking another 4 dollars lower for … Continue reading

Risk OFF?

$111.10 Crude is the closing level to watch. A close below this level and we’ll liquidate the rest of our long DIG position. That goes for OXY as well. Silver..46.355 would not be an unexpected print today. A close below … Continue reading

Morning matches

Dr. Nenner has some critical momentum break down levels for the SPU and NASD right in this area. 43300 in the Copper seems to match up with these levels. Closing below these numbers are negative the equities. Those of you … Continue reading


I like the lows we just put in across the board. These are possible capitulation lows for the longs in these instruments for the day session. All contra-trend day trading should be managed against the current lows. Those looking for … Continue reading


89.88 is the weekly # in the march crude for an outside reversal pattern to the downside.