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Daily Market Intelligence 11/20/19

Daily Market Intelligence 11-20-19

A.M. Look 6/21/19

We know that the new matrix level posted in the Gold is good. Gold looks best against the GBPUSD & AUDUSD. Gold/YUAN is putting in an ORH qtr with a cloud breakout. FYI…so is Gold/USDDEM 30 Yr. Bonds remain firm … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/28/19

The 200 DMA in Spu/Bond and Copper/Gold rejected. Gold itself is a mixed bag depending upon which currency its denominated in. Strong against the Yuan and Aussie Platinum is the metal that has gone up in a straight line. The … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/21/19

I hate Microsoft and all windows based products Having the same issues with my computer after a full wipe. Looks like another all day affair. I’ll open the room when i get it sorted. I’m long the Pot stocks. Today … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Microsoft, MELI, ULTA are a couple of names that haven’t  exploded yet. Integrated Oil service names have been up all A.M. EOG was featured in the room as a low risk long in the mid 98’s. LONG FEB 19 123 … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/20/18

Daily Market Intelligence 4-20-18

Daily Market Intelligence 1/31/18

Daily Market Intelligence 1-31-18

A.M. Look 9/20/17

The only overnight price action of interest is Aussie,Kiwi and Gold strength. ALNY..is up 18% in pre market on positive trial reports. Time frame trading.

A.M. Look 6/9/16

Aussie is typically a risk indicator. What do we know about the matrix zones? 1) they act as targets and exit levels for direction traveled to the level. 2) they are sell before you buy levels coming up to a … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/7/16

Oil & Aussie are leading with GBP/JPY right back at the 50 DMA. AUD/JPY & CAD/JPY after some initial selling last night are following through with their respective ORH patterns. Aussie hit cloud resistance at last nights high. Unless you … Continue reading