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A.M. Look 7/18/17

NFLX…This is going to be an opening range trade. Some of you wrote me notes saying you took your money after earnings. Those that own the name would be wise to protect their gains this A.M. The Dollar continues to … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/20/14

Stocks… Nasd 100…3633 is closing support. Spu’s…price recovery and a close over 1832 will lead to a test of the high. A failure @ 1832 (resistance) and a close below 1800 will lead to a test of 1730 again. SSO…shows … Continue reading


Forex and Futures traders…we’ll be leaving an all-session stop just below today’s cash low @ 103.54.

Risk Trades…MCP…Aussie Dollar

Resistance in the Aussie is definable…107-107.22 AUD/USD …Long Aussie = Long Equities… Shorter Term traders should be trying the short side of the Aussie here with a tight stop. MCP.. a close above 30.45 is needed for an ORH week…this … Continue reading

Utilization Note

Utilization Note… We try to write levels in instruments that we feel are germane to the capitol flow of the entire board. In other words, a particular number or level which we feel will effect a wide array of asset … Continue reading

Position Update

We are officially flat the equity index Futures. We are still long AAPL and EWH… Many of you are involved with Long AUD/USD…this is a lower risk trade at these levels. This is also a great surrogate for a Bullish … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/6/11

Yesterday had us reducing our long equity holdings just after the opening. Today it is all about where the indices hold. A close today below 1328.25 (S&P 500 Futures) would have us sell the rest of our longs. This would … Continue reading


As of now, last nights low in the Futures and the Cash should be quite telling for the whole “Risk On” scenario. If the stocks hold early short term traders will have less risk buying the Aussie on a dip … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/4/11

I am in full wait and see mode this a.m. We would expect to see a 2 way trade today with both buyers and sellers taking their turn trying to gain directional control of the stock indices. Investors should either … Continue reading


Let’s get a starter position going SHORT Aussie @ the market! Keep in mind that you’re real stop is 80 points higher!