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Daily Market Intelligence 6/2/20

Daily Market Intelligence 6-2-20

Daily Market Intelligence 6/1/20

Daily Market Intelligence 6-1-20

Daily Market Intelligence 7/10/19

Daily Market Intelligence 7-10-19

Precious metals

Gold… 1345 is weekly resistance Silver…22 is weekly resistance AGQ…77.40 is fib and mvg avg resistance. 83 is substantial resistance. GDXJ…42.78 is the weekly break out #. 46.40 is resistance. The metals are not something I wish to chase on … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/9/13

Stocks.. GLD…122.88-123.33 is resistance. Closing above this level will lead to a test of 125. AGQ…a close above 17 is needed for a try at 19. GDX…technicians will be looking for an upside breakout above 23.70 to hold and go … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/17/13

GS…by remaining over 139.20 this can seek 149 AAPL..511-515 is resistance with sustained action over 519 needed for higher. 498 is current support. AGQ…double long Silver has closed two days now over the 200 day. As long as this closes … Continue reading

Metals & Miners….Food for Thought

The Gold and Silver are attempting to confirm higher. Some of the names might be much better plays (depending on your proclivities) via call spreads or direct long positions versus outright’s in the metals AGQ…double long Silver…the 200 day is … Continue reading


AGQ…a close today over 50.52 is price positive Gold…is over the unemployment high of 1727 which is price positive, although it needs a little higher as seen on the Point & Figure Charts..a close over 1736. Silver…still needs closing strength … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/2/12

Today, being Unemployment, will put the metals back into focus. Gold…1662-75 which is around the 200 day is the lowest risk buy zone. This will be a price action trade for Day Traders. The early game will be to see … Continue reading