Judd’s Room

Judd’s Room is a live forum, virtual pit, where Traders and Investors of all styles discuss current capital flows and exchange ideas.

When Floor trading existed, back in the prehistoric era, traders use to stand around and exchange ideas and risk parameters.

I’ve recreated that experience with the help of some amazing members.

Yra Harris stops in to bounce off ideas.
His vision has led to some monster trading opportunities across all asset classes.

There are 60 hours of those conversations available on Whitewave YouTube.

If you’re looking for a PHD is Global macro Investing it would behove you to listen.

We’re not looking or seeking consensus group thought. Rather, we seek alternative views and push back to see if a particular thesis has merit.

The next step is to do homework to find low risk investment or trading opportunities.

This is where the value of sentient beings comes in.
We host extraordinarily bright individuals with diverse backgrounds worldwide.

The sheer diversity of trading approaches and instruments followed are invaluable in finding low risk opportunity.

Room members are comprised of RIA’s, Option Traders, Fortune 500 executives, hedgers and Futures Traders.

The common thread is they are all looking for investible low risk ideas.

Judd’s Room is curated in a way that allows members of disparate trading styles to take advantage of money making ideas on a daily basis.

Many of you have not had the room experience to fully understand our process.

This is your opportunity to give us another look.
All you have to do is click on the WhiteWave link and put in your name and e-mail for a two week trial.

WhiteWave Trading Strategies


I followed you for 3 months before I subscribed to the matrix #’s.
Then, the light went on and understood what you were saying.
When I became profitable using your methodology I stepped up and took your course.

It’s been life changing.


Daily Market Intelligence Report is designed to feature high probability setups for next day trade.

The secret sauce to my work are the matrix #’s which are presented in a spread sheet.
Without the vision of the Matrix levels you will never truly learn to see.

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