Daily Market Intelligence 7/7/22

This A.M. we spent sometime discussing summer moves and when they materialize.

It’s been since the 80’s and 90’s when it’s been all about the dollar.

Yra, Andrew and me spoke about the day of the dog returning.

FX back to the forefront.

Yesterday the conversation was centered around EUR/JPY as the low risk wy to play Dollar strength.

This will vary but you had best be looking at all the crosses to avoid being chopped liver.

The currency work is imprinted on my brain just as the FOX News logo is burned into the retinas of everyone living in Wisconsin.

Euro & D-Mark are mandatory.

30 Yr. Bonds put in a beautiful high today. Mortimer was on his game!

A 139.00 print confirms the high.

Gold…we got into this early yesterday. No interest even if its still outperforming many assets including Equities.

Energy…possible short term extreme day with inventories on deck.

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