Daily Market Intelligence 6/22/22

Barking dogs!

MBA Mortgage Applications
7:00 AM ET
Thomas Barkin Speaks
9:00 AM ET

Jerome Powell Speaks
9:30 AM ET

2-Yr FRN Note Auction
11:30 AM ET
Thomas Barkin Speaks
12:00 PM ET

Charles Evans Speaks
12:55 PM ET

20-Yr Bond Auction
1:00 PM ET
Patrick Harker Speaks
1:30 PM ET

Thomas Barkin Speaks
1:30 PM ET

I’m looking for the next Spoo break to hold.

I’m eyeballing the matrix level for a buy, just under 3737.50 reversal # on the 50X3.

The end of qtr’s have been either a big back and forth or just up.

I’ll pick the latter this time.

The rest of the world might starve but the grain prices reflect North American abundance.

The grain trust is moving their attention to December Corn and Nov beans.

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