Daily Market Intelligence 3/31/23

Gold should be closing @ an all time qtrly high.

Gold in Euro vs Gold*Euro set up a little different. Looks like the former is still picking up April.

Spoo filled its gap.

Nasd 100 still has a 14 point gap matching the current second breakaway gaps in AAPL, MSFT & AMZN.

Tomorrow is a asking game with the short end of the curve in play.

In the news; possible shift in BOJ resulting in Yen repatriation.

Looking for a long trigger in the Yen and Nikkei over the next couple of sessions.

SHCOMP had a bottoming event last night. It need only sustain above its 50 DMA to take Asia with it tonight.

Bottom line; the only thing that matters tomorrow are the closes.

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