Daily Market Intelligence 2/15/23

FRA Podcast with Yra and the FED Guy

This is a fabulous podcast!!

Spoo/Bond is making all time highs along with the FTSE.

This speaks to the condition of the market, which means you can’t expect to get rewarded selling any kind of weakness.

Today we saw 4 50 point swings and one in which we got a big top on the 100X3.

This is where all the big resting orders will reside, the Jackson Hole Highs.

2/10’s ran the board with the Long end coming into the lower end of value.

We took a long look at Natty again today. It’s been a good opportunistic Futures trade.
The Natgas names have all held up well.

Today’s lows in the names can be used for risk management.
RRC, LNG, TRGA to name a few. Do your homework!

I’ll look at everything in the A.M.

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