Daily Market Intelligence 10/28/22

The board comes down to trading the technical level.

Wednesday Index highs do not portend well for Bulls.

Spoo high today failed at the qtly pivot. Some members used the opportunity to their advantage.

DAX/Bund shows a negative pattern.

Nasd/Russell was highlighted by Andrew pre-market. This was fortuitous as Short Nasd was the ticket on the spreads.

Sell the weakest link.

SMH stopped @ its 200 WMA and failed. So did retail with everyone waiting Apple & AMZN for salvation.

Amazon is currently under the 200 Week and under the monthly cloud

Euro stopped at cloud resistance. If you bothered to read last night’s DMI the Yen triggered a big correction in the crosses.

Hence, Eero weakness against most FX pairs.

The Dollar is a trade. Major multi-decade lows and targets were reached in Sept.

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