Daily Market Intelligence 10/24/23

Our basic trading process told us to buy before we sell this A.M. looking for a minimum of a 4245 print.

Traders Almanac said this is a low day looking for an up market into Nov.1 with 95% accuracy.

Russell cash vs Gold /Bonds filled a gap from a decade ago @ the biggest screw zone Fib there is.

It’s the type of work that the Fib-idiots know nothing about.

I have no wish to be short Nasd into Tech earnings after the closes tomorrow and Wednesday.

30 yr. ran all the shorts out this A.M. taking the European Debt markets along for the ORH.

Mortimer had the sell stops identified last week.

Resistance is @ 110.23 ish with 111 print needed to confirm the low.

Spoo/Bond is currently at a level that needs to be watched as I don’t know which side of the spread will lead from here.

Spoo will need a 4300 print on the 100X3 for a confirmed low.
There is all sorts of congestion in the 4290’s.

Crude…84.96 is the reversal # which should run the next wiggle.

Take it a day at a time-one level at a time.

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