Daily Market Intelligence 1/4/23

Gold/Bonds, still the feature.

I want to see how GoldinEuro responds to this weekly breakaway gap.

Euro hit both resistance and support over the past two sessions with risk @ 106.05 its weekly ORL #.

Spoos..are stuck in a 100 point range.

Watching the price action into unemployment for direction.

Names like AAPL could break another 10-15%

TSLA could retest its breakaway gap from 2020 @ 94.67-95.60.

Oil.. elected it’s weekly ORL sell stops @ 77.71 and has so far held daily fib support.

Lots of moving parts.

I am not a trustful person when it comes to Mr. Market. It’s rare that we see follow through.

Given that statement I don’t think you miss much by just keeping your train hat on.

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