Daily Market Intelligence 1/18/23

Over the weekend I tried to catch up on podcasts and reading.

Larry Williams did a short session about what he was looking for in 2023.

Topics he touched on were the Soybeans and CAT.

Soybeans are close to breaking out to the upside and I will be watching for a trigger this week.

I’m viewing this as a trade, but the every decade rallies are worth taking note of.

Corn follows the same pattern, Wheat does not.

He overlaid this with his long-term cycle work, Hamsters need not apply.

CAT cycles are up into the end of the Qtr with a hiccup mid- February.

Cycle work is a whole different kettle of fish. It’s aimed at keeping you trading from a side within a trend.

Grains are commodities, which means if you’re looking at the wrong chart you’ll invariably lose money!

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