Daily Market Intelligence 1/12/23

Either we fail from here tonight into tomorrow’s inflation data or we can gap higher.

4030 + a couple is fib resistance and a 50% level.

If you see a big rally after the # before the U.S. Pit opens above the 200DMA and then rejects 4030 ish first support is back into the Gap @ 3997-today’s high and its 200 DMA.

This level will run the entire board.

A gap up in Indices would mean 30 yr. Futures are considerably higher.

30 Yr. would need to close over 130.15 ish on a weekly basis to get me looking for lower rates.

The room will be open by 6:30 when I will be leaving for for tests until early afternoon.

It’s CPI. The clearing firms raised margin requirements because they expect it to be volatile!

3-Month Bill Settlement

6-Month Bill Settlement

Patrick Harker Speaks
7:30 AM ET

8:30 AM ET
Jobless Claims
8:30 AM ET
EIA Natural Gas Report
10:30 AM ET
3-Month Bill Announcement
11:00 AM ET
6-Month Bill Announcement
11:00 AM ET
10-Yr TIPS Announcement
11:00 AM ET
20-Yr Bond Announcement
11:00 AM ET
James Bullard Speaks
11:30 AM ET

4-Week Bill Auction
11:30 AM ET
8-Week Bill Auction
11:30 AM ET
Thomas Barkin Speaks
12:40 PM ET

30-Yr Bond Auction
1:00 PM ET
Treasury Statement
2:00 PM ET
Fed Balance Sheet
4:30 PM ET

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