Pro Tips

A.M. Look 9/16/20

It’s money for nothing day. Mid-Week Shuffle in a Bull equity market with an FOMC kicker. Wednesday rules apply. SNOW is a much anticipated IPO. Nasd 100 has retested it’s weekly breakdown level. The spread will need to maintain above … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/16/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-16-20

A.M. Look 9/15/20

Good China data fueled overnight trade. Gold filled out it’s 100X3 to the top of value. Gold following through against the 30 Yr. Bonds, Euro & Yuan. Nasd 100…11,528 is the weekly point of control basis Sept. The level should … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/15/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-15-20

A.M. Look 9/14/20

FX Futures Expiration Forwards of interest; Euro…+24 Swiss…+23 Peso…-51 The rest are negligible. Indices are @ approximately 50% of last weeks range. New direction generally picks up just after 9 A.M. CDT today. Pound was the low hanging fruit in … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/14/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-14-20

A.M. Look 9/10/20

Waiting on the ECB. Spoo’s gave us another pause. Waiting for New York to come in. Spoo. could break as low as 3340 and not change the bigger picture range. 3325 print would be needed to confirm a bigger high … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/11/20

Japan led early. Euro rallied right out of the gate with the current correlation of strong Euro = strong Indices. Currently in no mans land. GBP/USD went from matrix to matrix yesterday, and is now consolidation. Equity/Bond spreads have 3 … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/11/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-11-20

Judd’s Room

WhiteWave has a reliable and repeatable investment process developed over a forty-year period to help our clients make money. The WhiteWave process employs elements of price, volatility, Matrix Levels, risk spreads, among others across multiple durations. We measure and record the data … Continue reading