A.M. Look 9/14/20

FX Futures Expiration

Forwards of interest;




The rest are negligible.

Indices are @ approximately 50% of last weeks range.

New direction generally picks up just after 9 A.M. CDT today.

Pound was the low hanging fruit in FX land. This was discussed Friday.
Just check your sheets.

Nvidia has traded back ups to regain 50% of last weeks break on the ARM deal.

John Authers

Pretty much what we’ve been discussing in the Room

John Dizard FT Weekend edition column should be read.

Fareed Zakaria did an in depth report on the election over the weekend.
Bottom line; it will take at least a month after Nov. 3 to certify and count all the ballots.

Volatility is in our future. Keep your trading hats on.

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