A.M. Look 9/1/22

It’s good to be alive day!

I will be writing off and on for the next couple of weeks until I get my strength back.

We’ve been covering a lot of territory in the room with the usual suspects.

The room has been all over the moves in the Indices, Dollar and the Rates!!!

It would behoove one to drop in early and ask to be brought up to speed on the conversation.

The matrix course goes on. For those that do not have the time to be in the room this is the ticket for you.
Almost 5 decades of knowledge!

The news cycle was extremely negative overnight with the Spoo trading into the cover zone of 3920 ish on down to the matrix #.

3962.50 is needed for a pressure relief reversal on the 50X3.

Indices are trading oversold!

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