A.M. Look 8/4/23

Hiatus time.

The cobwebs are thick.

I will be taking a 2 week break from writing, however the room will remain open for those of you trading.

I won’t be the only person checking out for a couple of weeks as most of the world will try an escape for a respite before Sept.

I’ll likely be around but I suggest you keep the room invite that will be sent Monday 8/7/23 since I will just leave my computer running 24/7 on hamster vision.

If it gets crazy I’ll put something out.

Today will be all about the Bonds, as traders decide whether they should stay or go now with their risk assets.

Apple is a buy into 176 ish.

Nasd 100 is attempting an ORL week with a close below 15,483.75.

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