A.M. Look 8/28/23

For the past month the U.S. bots have been running the show.

Generally quiet overnight trade until the U.S. comes in.

Tomorrow is the second Full Moon of the month.

Indices topped at the first Full Moon and have been trading lower since.

I’m looking for a two way trade into mid week as traders and investors decide whether to hold em or fold em going into mid Sept.

Gold has been holding up as well as Swiss/Yen which was highlighted after a breakout out above 159.08 using this level for a closing weekly sell stop.

Friday Payrolls data will be interesting for the Treasuries.

All month the algos buy Equities when the Long end rallies, only to fail.

With Full Moon, Month end marking and Payrolls data, the end of the week should be busy from a model perspective.

Time to patiently wait for a couple of slow pitch singles to round out the month.

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