A.M. Look 6/9/20

Rosanne Rosanna Dana “If it’s not one thing its another”

My Brain Trust “The Room” smelled a rat late day.

It started off with the Conversation with Yra about Spoo/Gold which led to us looking at a rising Yen with a bid in the Bonds and the VIX.

Gold confirmed the 1680’s for a level to trade Gold against.

Spoo…will need to trade into the 3180’s for a pressure relief break on the 50X3.

Spoo/Bond retesting its 200 DMA as I write.

DAX..is showing ORL.

Republicans will be discussing stimulus relief in the Senate today.

Expect a headline driven scrum going into tomorrow’s FOMC release.
Yra has proposed a new format at the end of this Youtube.
We’d like to hear suggestions from all of you about time of day and content.


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