A.M. Look 6/26/23

I shouldn’t have to tell you to pay attention to the U.S,. session only charts, for they are running price.

Oil is trying to bottom against Natty. The low risk buy before you sell is its 200 WMA.

30 Yr. yield has fallen below its 200 DMA and into the daily cloud. The rei’s do not support taking a contra trend trade. Let it play out.

Spoo hit the bounce levels laid out by David on Friday.

Spoo/Bond 240 min 200 Avg says no selling here.

CHF.JPY has much higher targets. Risk to own is 159.08 close.

Strange bed fellows from the greed is good squad; Bloomberg ran an article over the weekend on the purported 400-500 Oil Wagner group was taking in conflict diamonds and gold from Africa ventures.

What’s Putin’s cut 50%?

Trump is just jealous that he hasn’t been able to achieve the same goal turning the U.S. into his persona autocratic klepto piggy bank.

Careful what you vote for in 2024 America.

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