A.M. Look 6/20/23

I”m always amazed by the lack of vision and myopia of the 5 minute horde.

Friday was yet another example of paying attention to multi-decade levels in the currencies lining up with back and fill in the Indices.

FX first and then the Indices.

Samething goes for the Debt markets. Friday the Bunds traded a level I’ve been waiting for for three months.

There has been big opportunity in the European debt markets as well as FX.

If you are lazy and don’t do your homework, you miss everything.

I know, all you need to do is turn on your machine @ 8:29 with a five minute chart and you will be the one standing next to someone else’s jet and super car on a sunny tarmac.

Spoo support is on the sheet. I’d like to give it a go from the long side later in the week around 4400 for a trade.

Looking for a range trade over the next couple of weeks.

Powell congressional testimony is tomorrow.

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