A.M. Look 6/15/23

There is a lot going on.

Yen crosses are on fire, with Suisse/Yen near 5 decade highs.

GoldinEuro is close to its 50% for this swing, with Gold back at the bottom of its recent range.

30 Yr. Bonds; every big figure on down is a potential bounce level. 125.01, 124.01. Pit charts are the key to navigating the Bond Futures trade.

Spoos came within spitting distance of the target level and the spot I recommended selling everything yesterday A.M.

I was hoping for a gap higher this A.M. to sell. Not to be.

We’ll be looking for low risk entry to trade the swings.

Typically the next few weeks is a big back and forth affair.

Judd’s Room will be closed tomorrow for its qtrly thank- you to current Matrix Class members.

Quad-witch with a three day weekend.

Don’t get opinionated and above all don’t fade late day flow.
It’s generally pretty tough to be short a bull market over a holiday weekend.

For those of you who have taken the course you should know what to do and where to do it.

For the rest , try not to ruin your holiday.

Tuesday 6/20/23 A.M. Look wil be the next written research.

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