A.M. Look 5/4/23

Pretty much everything went to an extreme within minutes of the new Globex session.

Oil ran its qtrly ORL sell stops and reversed in under 4 minutes.
I’ll look at the time & Sales in a bit to see if anything actually traded.

Spoo/Bonds @ its 200 DMA says it all!

Caught the low in the Spoos and the upper end of the range in the 30 Yr. for a very big trade.

As the Bonds topped, Gold ran its ATH buy stops and completely reversed.

The morning price action will revolve around the PIT Spoo Chart, which would currently show a gap @ 4105.

Respect the price and keep it simple.

Low volume extremes can take a little time to retest or an inordinately long time.

I’m not into waiting.

There will be more opportunities.

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