A.M. Look 5/30/24

Gold and Bonds have rolled. Mind the spreads!

app.+ $20 in Gold. 30 Yr. is 2 ticks.

Gold/Silver…Silver has stopped leading. The yearly pattern gets negated above 7520 close.

Risk spreads held support against the Russell and Spoo.

Dow/Bonds is coming into a sticky mag avg that can reject.

CRM is coming into weekly support.

Spoo…DID NOT TRADE 5250! By not trading 5250 the Upside remains intact.

Look to buy Equities and Indices before you sell today.

Tomorrow is Month end.

30 Yr. print of 115.08 confirms yesterdays Matrix low.

Copper has to close back above 4.80 to re-establish the upside.

Natty is in play again. Buy any6 decent break after inventories today.

Risk is 2.47 close.

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